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1 1 Uncovering CLIL-Content and Language Integrated Learning in Bilingual and Multilingual Education  PeeterMehisto   MACMILLANBOOKS 
2 1 Blended Learning-Using Technology In and Beyond The Language Classroom  PeteSharma   MACMILLANBOOKS 
3 1 Language Learning with Technology:Ideas for Integrating technology in the classroom  GrahamStanley   CAMBRIDGEUNIVERSITYPRESS 
4 1 Integrating Teaching and Assessment in the EFL Classroom  AndrewFinch   사회평론 
5 1 Teaching with Technology ;designing opportunities to learn  Norton   WADSWORTH 
6 1 최정화교수의 통역, 번역 지침서  최정화   넥서스 
7 1 베트남  Engelbach,Ben   가지