Teaching and Learning Support

IGSE offers various teaching and learning programs for both students and the faculty.

For IGSE students, a variety of learning and counseling programs are provided in
order to facilitate independent and cooperative atmosphere.

For IGSE professors, IGSE supports specialized lectures and workshops according to
the professors’ needs. Through these programs, lectures and teaching skills in
IGSE become improved.


For a better and healthy life at IGSE, IGSE provides its students with counseling services.
The faculty members are always open for counseling. Simply making an appointment with a professor in advance,
a student can have counseling about school life, study, and research issues.

In addition, there is the Gangdonggu Mental Health Promotion Center near IGSE.
If needed, IGSE can introduce the center to the students for professional counseling services.

Career Support

IGSE supports its students and alumni in order for them to successfully start work after graduation or
begin their own start-ups. The supports include,

-English contests: The contests encourage IGSEans to develop new curricula, ELT business ideas,
and ELT related know-hows. Those who win a prize in the contests can get an actual chance to practice their outcome,
as well as an award.

-Special lectures & seminars: To keep up with the times and broaden IGSEans’ horizons,
IGSE invites specialists in various fields and holds special lectures and seminars.

-IGSE network: IGSE links its current students to its alumni, who work in all the domestic and
international ELT fields. This connection is exceptionally useful for all IGSEans and ELT practitioners
out there as well.