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                  Substitution is an additional form of research culminating in a degree, and it aims
                  to encourage IGSEans’ academic and professional activities. Instead of writing a
                  thesis or project, students can 1) publish a book (ELT teaching/learning materials,
                  theory books, etc.), 2) make two academic presentations at an ELT conference, 3)
                  publish an academic paper in a reviewed journal, 4) develop a curriculum and run
                  the program at an institute, or 5) create and run an ELT website or launch a smart-
                  phone application.  


          • Types                 

                     ▶ Article Publication
                        If a student gets to publish an ELT related article in one of the KCI/SSCI/A&HCI
                        journals, they can be substituted from Thesis/Project writing.
                             ☆    Examples 
                                  - The impact of cognitive style on errors in English writing through
                                    extensive reading: A case study (English Teaching 2014, 69 (2))


                      Conference Presentation
                        It requires two presentations at academic conferences to be substituted. The
                        students can present either a paper or poster - though the poster presentation
                        counts only once.
                             ☆    Examples 
                                  - The impact of ELT testing on EFL teaching practices in South Korea
                                  - Developing a guidebook to run an English UCC club 
                      ▶ ELT Materials Publication
                        Students can publish ELT materials at a commercial publisher, and get a substitution. 
                             ☆    Examples 
                                  - 스토리가 있는 카툰 영단어
                                  - Monster 중학 영단어                                  
                                  - 개발자 영어: 코드로 감잡다             
                       ▶ Other Types of Substitution
                                 - Curriculum development & actual running at a language institution
                                 - Web-page development & actual running
                                 - Application development and actual running

           • Related Courses 

                    Information Literacy 1 & 2
                     ELT Academic Activites