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             • Overview             
             • Types 
             • Components              
             • Related Courses



                  Project is rather a unique aspect of IGSE research that aims an actual application of
                  students’ ideas of English teaching and learning to a particular situation or group. It
                  comes in two major formats: materials development and curriculum development.  


          • Types

                    ▶ Materials development

                        Through materials development, students produce a set of sample chapters
                        based on a solid theoretical background, systematic analysis of target learners’
                        needs and existing materials. Examples of materials include English language
                        teaching/learning books, e-learning materials, and apps.

                             ☆    Examples 

                                  - Developing a secondary school teachers’ resource book for classroom
                                    activities using young adult literature
                                  - Developing Materials for English Reading Response Journal
                                  - Developing Task-based English Speaking Materials for Korean
                                    Kindergartners Based on Nuri Curriculum


                      Curriculum development
                        Curriculum refers to an English language teaching course. To develop
                        the language curriculum, students set up similar framework with the
                        one in the materials development, yet provide sample lessons.
                             ☆    Examples 
                                  - Business English Writing Curriculum: A Genre-based Approach
                                  - An English Writing Curriculum for Career Exploration for Korean Middle
                                    School Students
                                  - The Development of a Phonemic Awareness Curriculum for the Korean
                                    Elementary School English Class               

           • Components   

                    ▶ Materials development


                    1. Introduction
                    2. Theoretical Background
                    3. Materials Design
                    4. Materials Development
                    5. Conclusion
                    6. Sample Chapters


                    ▶ Curriculum development


                    1. Introduction
                    2. Theoretical Background
                    3. Curriculum Design
                    4. Curriculum Development
                    5. Conclusion
                    6. Sample Lesson Plans


           • Related Courses 

                    Information Literacy 1 & 2
                    Introduction to ELT Materials
                    Analysis and Development of ELT Materials
                    Digital Publishing
                    ELT Materials Design
                    Developing App Books
                    Curriculum Design and Development
                    ELT Activity Development